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Small Group Training at Strive gives you the best of HIIT and Recovery Training encapsulated within a full training gym..  When it comes to exercise, working out with a friend increases your commitment to getting to the gym. Statistics also show that clients working out with a trainer are 77% more successful in reaching their goals!

At Strive, you can select the motivational fun of group exercise with the leadership of personal training!  You will get amazing results, have fun and share the cost of training making it affordable and accessible. Strengthen your core, increase flexibility and boost your cardio health with our engaging classes.

We are an innovative fitness center in Greensboro, NC, with fully trained coaches and personal trainers who will help you meet and exceed your fitness goals. Whether you are looking for a high-intensity interval training session, an interval cardio workout or a calm, Yoga-inspired routine, we have a complete range of weekly training sessions so you can choose the workout that works for you. Our safe childcare area is available to our members, so you can make exercise a priority, even during the busiest days of the week. 

Our Fitness Coaches will guide you through the programs, focusing on injury prevention and muscle strengthening. Their expertise will help you to understand each movement in your class, and how it conditions various muscle groups. Varying intensity levels allow you to get the most out of your training.