• We Deliver A Positive Training Experience on Every Visit!
    We Deliver A Positive Training Experience on Every Visit!
  • Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Have Fun!
    Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Have Fun!
  • Give Us 30 Days and We will Change Your Life!
    Give Us 30 Days and We will Change Your Life!
  • Be Young, Be Strong, Be Happy!
    Be Young, Be Strong, Be Happy!
  • Get In The Best Shape of Your Life!
    Get In The Best Shape of Your Life!


 real results from real members

  • At the suggestion of my brother, I came to Strive. I honestly hadn’t stepped foot in a gym in a few years. I knew working out was important and my health was very important to me. I’d successfully lost about forty pounds the previous year and wanted to continue to maintain that weight loss, but knew I needed to incorporate exercise into my life... Read more - Carrie Ewing, Tester

  • So much has changed in my life within the past 4 months. Over the years I’ve struggled with maintaining weight loss but for the first time I can honestly say I am in the best shape of my life! After dropping 19lbs of unhealthy weight, stress and self resentment, I am now committed to maintaining a healthier lifestyle.I’ve had memberships with other fitness facilities but none compare to the amazing staff here at Strive .. Read more - LaShonda Daniels,

  • STRIVE is an excellent fitness center with dedicated professionals! I started working with a personal trainer to increase my strength and mobility due to back issues. I spent less money in several months with a personal trainer than one month of doctor visits and physical therapy! I am now pain free, have great strength, increased muscle and feeling positive about my health. - Julie Glandt,

  • “I went into this hoping to lose a few pounds and become comfortable going to the gym and step out of my comfort zone to attend an exercise class or two. What I have come away with are the tools to help me live a healthier lifestyle and how to manage my time for the gym while managing a family and working full time... Read more - Kristine Vondervor,

  • “For the first time in my life, I feel like I have the tools to be successful in my weight loss efforts. With past attempts, I would either diet and not exercise, or exercise and not watch my food intake. The leadership at Strive provided me with the knowledge and tools for healthy eating, as well as how best to use them to fuel my body before and after workouts. Read more - Michelle Gray,

  • At 66, I am happier with my body than I was at 22! I can do things now that I wasn’t able to do 30 years ago. The training at Strive has made me stronger, given me more energy and improved my ability to live life on my terms. . . - Grundy McCall,

About Strive

Locally Owned & Operated

Strive Performance and Fitness is a 28,000 square foot functional training fitness center and gym located on Battleground Avenue at the intersection of Brassfield Road. Featuring the latest training equipment and programming, we provide professional guidance and services that address all components of fitness in order to look, feel, and perform your best.


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We understand how difficult it is to commit to fitness as a lifestyle, especially when you don’t even know if you will like the members and staff, or if the business will deliver on the promises it makes every time you visit.


Membership Options

To Fit Your Lifestyle

At Strive, helping you get fit and enhancing your life is our top priority. No other gym in Greensboro provides you with the latest in equipment, programs and leadership that we continually provide designed to drive your results.


Small Group Performance Training and Fitness Coaching

Take control of your health and feel great with the training programs at Strive Performance and Fitness Center. From small group performance training to customized, specialty coaching, our programs will help you achieve your fitness goals, burn fat and create a healthier lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a calorie-burning workout or a specific strength-building exercise routine, we have the coaching experience to take you to the next level of fitness. Learn more about our three levels of training:

Small Group Performance Training Gym in Greensboro

All fitness levels are encouraged to participate in small group performance training at Strive Performance and Fitness Center. Our affordable classes are offered at convenient times to ensure that you can keep it as a part of your weekly schedule. Gain strength, reduce fat, burn calories and increase your fitness performance with this training program. Fun and accessible, these classes produce amazing results.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Increase your metabolism and work on stability with semi-private training classes. These sessions involve strength training and technical exercises designed to show results quickly. Sharing the cost of training with a semi-private lesson means that you will receive exceptional instruction from our team of fitness coaches. These sessions are easy to schedule, as they align to your workout times. Be heathier, stronger and more energetic with semi-private personal training in Greensboro.

One-on-One Fitness Coaching

When there is a specific goal that you would like to reach for your fitness program, we provide one on one coaching. Fitness goals vary from person to person, so it is essential to find a fitness coaching program that will tailor to your needs and your fitness plan. Our fitness coaches will provide you with personalized training and a schedule that works just for you. If you had an injury and need specialized fitness coaching to strengthen your muscles around the injured area, our one:on:one fitness coaching will take care of you.

Learn more about our fitness programs, membership benefits and staff by contacting our gym today. Our 7 day trial membership is a great place to start, so you can sample all of the wonderful coaching options that are available and create a convenient schedule for your performance training needs.